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downloads,software, screensavers, Tweaks, Demos, Games, Drivers, 3d, Patches, Tools, Directx 8, Modem, DSL, 3dfx, Voodoo, Nvidia, MP3,peer,peer to peer,3dfx,nvidia,voodoo,nv20,nv15,voodoo2,voodoo3,voodoo4,voodoo5,geforce,geforce2,geforce2 ultraNewest Files
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downloads,software, screensavers, Tweaks, Demos, Games, Drivers, 3d, Patches, Tools, Directx 8, Modem, DSL, 3dfx, Voodoo, Nvidia, MP3,peer,peer to peer,3dfx,nvidia,voodoo,nv20,nv15,voodoo2,voodoo3,voodoo4,voodoo5,geforce,geforce2,geforce2 ultra
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234 Game Patches

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Title / Operating SystemDateLicenseFile SizeDownloads
3D Aqua Slider 1.112/22/2003Shareware3807k823
WinPlex (Supaplex rebirn in XXI Century) Kb2,649
Diablo II: LOD Patch 1.1010/29/2003Freeware5mb2,288,194
Diablo Patch 1.095/17/2001Freeware1.54mb620,065
Diablo II MAC Patch 1.09B MAC9/10/2001Freeware9mb47,309
Disciples II: Dark Prophecy 1.23/28/2002Freeware4.7mb623
Starcraft Patch for Mac OS X 1.09d11/20/2001Freeware3.4mb13,221
Diablo II MAC LOD Patch 1.09d11/20/2001Freeware79,370
Starcraft Broodwar Patch for Mac OS X 1.09d11/20/2001Freeware12,809
Ghost Recon 3dfx Blurry Font Fix 11/21/2001Freeware18k9,580
Warcraft III Patch 1.0411/7/2002Freeware1.7mb1,153,009
Warcraft III MAC patch 1.0310/14/2002Freeware10,141
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos 1.12 Patch 1.128/4/2003Freeware14mb150,660
WarCraft III Patch 1.06 MAC 1.066/6/2003Freeware6.3MB2,960
Diablo II 1.10 Beta Patch Version 2 1.10 Beta 28/7/2003Freeware120,634
Unreal Tournament OpenGL renderer 3/12/2001Freeware13,181
StarCraft Patch 1.10 1.104/2/2003Freeware3MB237,469
BroodWar Patch 1.10 1.104/2/2003Freeware5.4MB354,300
BroodWar Patch 1.10 MAC 1.104/2/2003Freeware5.4MB28,931
Eurofighter Typhoon 2.13/15/2002Freeware996k1,601
Half-Life: Blue Shift,861
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Patch 1.13b 1.13b12/22/2003Freeware16MB13,665
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Patch 1.13b 1.13b12/22/2003Freeware16MB24,331
WarCraft II MAC Patch 1.41/24/2001Freeware729k10,598
WarCraft II Expansion Patch 1.51/24/2001Freeware729k1,436
WarCraft II Expansion Patch 1.51/24/2001Freeware729k26,739
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction MAC 1.09B9/10/2001Freeware42,465
MiniGolf Master 1.23/18/2002Freeware2.8mb422
Strange Adventures in Infinite Space 1.14/29/2002Freeware174
Colin McRae Rally 2.03/22/2001Freeware1.2mb4,584
Diablo II Patch MAC 1.09d11/20/2001Freeware68,684
Fallout Tactics 1.276/14/2001Freeware76mb7,606
Warcraft III MAC patch 1.0310/14/2002Freeware10,141
Warcraft III Patch 1.0411/7/2002Freeware1.7mb1,153,009
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 1.047/14/2002Freeware9mb4,632
Dungeon Siege 7/5/2002Freeware262k788
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura,731
Zeus: Poseidon 2.111/20/2001Freeware356k1,119
Warlords Battlecry II 1.034/11/2002Freeware3mb1,220
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 1.0212/27/2001Freeware12mb5,059
WarCraft MAC Patch 1.061/24/2001Freeware617k2,084
Battlecruiser Millennium 1.0.062/27/2002Freeware2.1mb909
Diablo MAC Spawn Patch 1.081/24/2001Freeware2.1mb1,654
StarCraft Patch 1.092/25/2002Freeware2.8mb424,302
StarCraft BWar Patch 1.09b2/25/2002Freeware2.4mb640,579
WarCraft II Patch 1.41/24/2001Freeware1.2mb39,988
WarCraft II MAC Expansion Patch 1.51/24/2001Freeware617k4,237
WarCraft II MAC Editor Patch 1/24/2001Freeware617k3,559
StarCraft MAC Patch 1.071/24/2001Freeware1.6mb1,685
StarCraft Brood War MAC Patch 1.071/24/2001Freeware1.6mb5,541
Empire Earth 1.0411/14/2001Freeware1.6mb4,999
Wizardry 8 11/18/2001Freeware38k516
Europa Universalis 2 11/20/2001Freeware984k1,190
Neverwinter Nights Patch 1.22-1.23 1.239/3/2002Freeware1mb6,626
Command & Conquer: RenegadePatch 1.0327/10/2002Freeware20mb2,132
Black & White Patch 7/10/2002Freeware7.5mb17,048
Sudden Strike Forever 7/10/2002Freeware125k1,413
Final Fantasy VII XP Patch 1.36/25/2002Freeware8.71MB31,423
Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns 1.344/23/2002Freeware6mb617
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors 1.0c9/14/2001Freeware4mb4,610
Insane Patch 26/30/2001Freeware875k1,076
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars 1.052/13/2002Freeware640k5,122
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction MAC 1.09B9/10/2001Freeware46,587
Delta Force: Land Warrior 1.00.345/5/2002Freeware5.1mb5,131
Warcraft III Patch 1.052/2/2003Freeware7MB253,206
Warcraft III version 1.05 Macintosh Patch 2/10/2003Freeware5.7MB11,259
Independence War 2: The Edge of Chaos F14.610/11/2001Freeware6mb1,291
Warcraft II Edition 2.025/30/2001Freeware526k248,863
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 1.26/3/2001Freeware2.5mb394
Nascar Racing 4,786
Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force 1.25/5/2001Freeware21mb1,408
Diablo II Classic Patch 1.1010/29/2003Freeware5mb2,142,808
Warcraft II Edition 2.025/30/2001Freeware526k174,511
Warcraft III Patch 1.052/2/2003Freeware7MB253,206
Warcraft III version 1.05 Macintosh Patch 2/10/2003Freeware5.7MB11,259
Kingpin: Life of Crime Patch 1.213/6/2001Freeware2.2mb4,601
Need for Speed: High Stakes Patch 4.443/6/2001Freeware2.5mb11,489
Quake III: Arena Update (32-bit) 1.27h beta3/6/2001Freeware816k3,493
Sudden Strike 1.23/6/2001Freeware2.6mb637
Diablo II MAC Patch 1.09B MAC9/10/2001Freeware9mb51,841
No One Lives Forever 2/11/2001Freeware13.6mb626
Diablo MAC Patch 1.081/24/2001Freeware2.1mb1,269
NHL 2002 patch for Win XP 1,00, works with NHL 2002 v 1,015/13/2002Freeware1,37mb16,156
Civilization III 1.21f4/20/2002Freeware8.8mb2,490
Star Trek: Bridge Commander 1.14/20/2002Freeware8mb4,192
Warrior Kings
WarCraft Patch 1.211/24/2001Freeware617k29,052
Blood Omen 2 1.024/15/2002Freeware2.9mb3,021
Moto Racer 3,355
Diablo Spawn Patch 1.095/17/2001Freeware1.54mb69,905
IL-2 Strurmovik 1.044/12/2002Freewarevaries1,858
Diablo II Patch 1.041/24/2001Freeware2.4mb2,727
Diablo Patch 1.081/24/2001Freeware1.6mb31,086
WarCraft II Expansion Patch 1.51/24/2001Freeware729k2,042
WarCraft II Expansion Patch 1.51/24/2001Freeware729k36,370
WarCraft II MAC Patch 1.41/24/2001Freeware729k15,920
The War Engine 1.034/9/2002Freeware176
Shadow Force 2.4mb3/28/2002Freeware1.2325
Global Operations 1.14/1/2002Freeware5mb1,357
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor 1.43/21/2002Freeware6.4mb1,297
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 1.113/22/2002Freeware15mb16,597
Midtown Madness 2 1.0112/7/2000Freeware2mb4,364
Silent Hunter II 1.13/18/2002Freeware23mb2,612
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 1.313/28/2002Freeware8mb22,089
Destroyer Command 1.13/18/2002Freeware6mb591
Unreal: Return to Na Pali 22610/30/2000Freeware16mb2,032
Quake 3 Weapons Factory 2.111/3/2000Freeware3.5mb2,033
Might and Magic IX 1.24/6/2002Freeware547k1,558
Unreal Tournament 436 Alternate D3DDrv.dll 43611/10/2000Freeware5k4,760
Escape from Monkey Island 1.111/22/2000Freeware1.1mb1,594
Baldur''s Gate II,668
NASCAR Racing 2002 Season,916
Traffic Giant 1.310/6/2000Freeware633k1,289
NHL 2000 210/11/2000Freewareukn2,328
SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle 2.010/14/2001Freeware20mb3,541
Grandprix 3 1.1310/25/2000Freeware5mb2,849
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter 1.1.410/27/2000Freeware1.5mb2,292
World War III: Black Gold 1.022/14/2002Freeware4.7mb690
Starships Unlimited 1.24/23/2002Freeware2.6mb252
The Moon Project 1.310/9/2002Freeware2,676
Ghost Recon,521
Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror 3.3210/8/2002Freeware17.2 MB5,086
Quake III Arena 1.3210/8/2002Freewarevaries8,359
Microsoft Train Simulator Update 12/12/2002Freeware7mb3,921
Rally Trophy 2/12/2002Freeware1.5mb894
Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race 1.102/12/2002Freeware707k475
Warrior Kings 1.34/28/2002Freeware869
SuperPower 1.104/28/2002Freeware670
Star Trek: Armada II 1.11/30/2002Freeware12.7mb1,973
Command & Conquer Gold 4/6/2002Freeware15k6,883
Half-Life: Opposing Force,322
No One Lives Forever 2 1.110/7/2002Freeware2,995
Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo Patch 10/1/2002Freeware3.2mb6,589
Comanche 4,535
Aliens Vs. Predator 2,588
Dirt Track Racing: Sprintcars 12/25/2000Freeware2.5mb1,682
Grand Theft Auto III v1.1 1.16/15/2003Freeware1.08mb11,248
StarCraft Patch 1.10 MAC 1.104/2/2003Freeware9MB24,234
Icewind Dale II Patch 2.01 beta9/3/2002Freeware2.4 MB4,569
IL-2 Strurmovik 9/3/2002Freeware28mb727
Diablo II 1.10 Beta MAC Patch Version 2 1.10 Beta 28/7/2003Freeware10,055
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos MAC Patch 1.12 1.128/7/2003Freeware6,615
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne MAC Patch 1.12 1.128/7/2003Freeware5,498
Il-2 Sturmovik 1.0212/5/2001Freeware13mb723
RuneSword II 2.212/7/2001Freeware403
Diablo Spawn Patch 1.081/24/2001Freeware1.5mb4,611
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne 1.12 Patch 1.128/4/2003Freeware4mb180,786
Diablo II Patch MAC 1.09d11/20/2001Freeware72,624
Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal 2649811/21/2001Freeware4mb1,029
Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal 26499 BETA11/21/2001Freeware8mb581
Etherlords 1.053/15/2002Freeware3.8mb953
Operation Flashpoint 1.463/4/2002Freeware6mb2,017
Command & Conquer: Renegade 3/3/2002Freeware4.8mb4,270
Battle Realms 11/20/2001Freeware5mb2,865
SWAT 3: Elite Edition 2.111/21/2001Freeware3,650
WarCraft III Patch 1.06 PC 1.066/6/2003Freeware8MB96,904
Diablo II LOD 1.10 Beta 7/9/2003Freeware5mb59,732
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Patch 1.117/20/2003Freeware14mb18,185
Diablo II 1.10 Beta Mac Patch 7/28/2003Freeware15mb1,978
Dungeon Siege 1.1.14608/10/2002Freeware29mb2,582
Conquest: Frontier Wars 1.0111/4/2001Freeware23mb735
Neverwinter Nights 1.228/10/2002Freeware38mb4,075
Tropico: Paradise Island 1.538/10/2002Freeware6mb1,363
UltimatePatch 2.03/7/2002Freeware4.3mb3,871
Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy 1.111/9/2001Freeware894k3,343
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor 1.210/22/2001Freeware695
RuneSword II 2.110/16/2001Freeware2.8mb143
The Operative: No One Lives Forever 1.00410/17/2001Freeware1.7mb1,260
Myst III: Exile 1.2210/18/2001Freeware8mb1,257
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne patch 1.117/18/2003Freeware4.5mb15,042
Morrowind 1.2.07227/29/2002Freeware3.9mb2,495
Age of Wonders II 7/29/2002Freeware7.2mb1,399
Real War 1.67/29/2002Freeware2mb1,580
Real War 1.512/4/2001Freeware5.5mb2,578
Steel Beasts 1.19510/9/2001Freeware1.1mb231
Steel Beasts 1.1410/9/2001Freeware3.7mb183
Combat Command 2: Desert Rats 1.0110/9/2001Freeware600k147
Combat Command 2: Danger Forward! 1.0310/9/2001Freeware904k89
Max Payne 1.051/20/2002Freeware6mb9,276
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor 1.110/10/2001Freeware176k662
Intensity XS 1.310/10/2001Freeware228
Baseball Mogul 2002 4.2010/11/2001Freeware368k333
Sub Command 1.052/12/2002Freeware1.5mb901
MechWarrior 3 v1.2 Patch 1.211/1/19996.4mb22,935
Descent 3 Patch 1.45/31/20001.1mb3,022
European Air War Patch 11/1/19996mb7,002
Fleet Command Patch 1.211/1/19993.8mb2,949
Carnivores II Patch 2.077/20/2000136k1,780
Delta Force 2 Patch 1.06.153/12/20014.4mb16,631
Codename Eagle 1.3611/9/20001.7mb1,357
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Patch 12.17.9910/23/2000425k3,108
Planescape: Torment 1.11/28/20002.46mb3,123
Jet Moto 1.42/3/20001.4mb812
Hexen II 1.12a2/9/2000627k1,921
Darkstone 1.05b2/15/20001.8mb1,737
Homeworld 1.054/6/20002mb3,105
Nascar Racing 3,075
Baldur''s Gate 1.1.43154/6/20004.1mb1,731
Airport Inc. 1.14/10/2000867k1,955
Rollcage Stage II 1.0a4/17/2000836k2,773
Mig Alley 1.234/17/20002.2mb1,199
StarSiege: Tribes 1.115/11/20005mb4,254
Septerra Core 1.023/19/2000288k1,841
Star Wars: Force Commander 1.13/24/20004.3mb829
Nox 1.28/1/20001.2mb1,901
Star Trek: Armada 1.22/14/20012.3mb4,852
Star Trek: Birth of the Federation 1.02e5/19/20003.4mb6,190
South Park Rally PC Patch New5/25/2000609k2,309
Grand Prix Legends 1.25/31/200032k2,074
Wheel of Time 333b5/8/20001.5mb884
Grand Prix Legends DirectX 7 Patch 1.26/24/2000251k3,309
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun 2.036/16/20005.6mb3,914
Star Trek: Klingon Academy 1.0210/17/20006mb2,631
Daikatana 1.17/15/200044mb740
Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption 1.17/20/20002.6mb7,243
X-wing Alliance 2.027/21/20003mb1,657
Star Wars: Episode I Racer (MAC) 1.017/21/2000630k1,200
Rouge Squadron 3D 1.207/21/20002.4mb3,700
Serious Sam test7 3457/3/2000var2,526
Icewind Dale 1.067/30/20003mb2,504
Deus Ex Beta Direct3D Patch 1.6.211/3/200050k7,340
Nascar 2000 1.016/30/2000ukn808
NASCAR Heat 1.1e9/20/20001mb852
Crimson Skies 1.0211/22/20002.2mb982
Unreal Tournament D3D Driver 4258/2/2000280k4,500
Evolva - Bump Mapping Patch NA8/9/20004mb2,007
Seven Kingdoms II: The Fryhtan Wars 1.1210/11/2000944k1,348
Carmageddon 2 1.24/6/20003.4mb9,412
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms 3.02/23/20005.8mb2,381
Age of Empires II 1.0c1/12/2000261k4,967
Re-Volt Patch 1.1012/8/1999644k8,468
Star Wars: Episode 1 Phantom Menace Patch 1.111/1/1999771k1,814
System Shock 2 Patch 11/1/199913,860
Sim Theme Park 2.06/15/20005.7mb3,282

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