Voodoo5 Configuration

How do I adjust my refresh rate?
This is done in Windows. In the "display properties," go to the "settings" tab. Press the "Advanced" button, and click on the "Adapter" tab.
How do I use FSAA?
FSAA is controlled on the "3dfx Anti-Aliasing" tab in the advanced display properties. You can choose between Single Chip mode, Fastest Performance, 2X FSAA, and 4X FSAA for both OpenGL/Glide and Direct3D.

For more details about FSAA click here.

How do I overclock my Voodoo5?
NOTE: Overclocking your Voodoo5 will void your warranty.

The overclocking utility and instructions on how to use it can be found here:


How do I disable v-synch?
This is also done with use of the overclocking utility. Grab it here:


Where can I download and install the latest drivers?
All of our current supported drivers and BETA drivers can be found here at 3dfxgamers.com. All previous builds of the drivers are also available. Here is the link:


How should I set my BIOS settings?
Video BIOS Cache: Disabled (can be enabled if system is stable)

Video BIOS Shadow: Disabled (can be enabled if system is stable)

Palette Snoop: Disabled

AGP Turbo Mode: Disabled (can be enabled if system is stable)

AGP Aperture Size: 64 (usually default setting)

PnP Aware OS: Yes

Resources Controlled by: Auto

Assign IRQ to VGA: Yes

Disable the L2 external cache on Super 7 boards (only necessary if experiencing severe game crashes, etc.)

Enable CPU WRITE ALLOCATE or K6 WRITE (this setting is usually necessary for DirectX games to work correctly on Super 7 boards) K6 Users: if your BIOS doesn't have this setting, update the BIOS.

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