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I'm having a problem with a specific game. Where do I get patches?
VoodooFiles - Also - the best place to always check is the homepage of the game with which you are having a problem.

Motherboard Updates and other information.
Make sure that you have the latest System BIOS, Motherboard Bus Mastering Drivers, and AGP Bus Drivers from your Motherboard Manufacturer.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU VERIFY WITH YOUR MOTHERBOARD MANUFACTURER WHICH AGP AND BUS MASTERING DRIVERS YOU SHOULD USE. These links are provided as a courtesy only. If you download and install the wrong driver, it could cause Windows to not operate properly and/or no longer boot up.

If you have a VIA chipset, you can download the most current AGP and bus mastering drivers at: http://www.viatech.com or http://www.via.com.tw click on "drivers."

If you have an ALI Alladin V AGP chipset, go to: http://www.acerlabs.com click on "drivers" or http://www.ali.com.tw click on "support."

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