Voodoo5 Installation

Will the Voodoo5 fit into my computer?
The Voodoo5 5500 AGP/PCI measures 9.6" L x 4.2" H (24.4 cm x 10.7 cm).

Where is the 3dfx Uninstaller?
It's on the Voodoo5 Quick Install CD in the "Utils" folder.
I get a "Program Files/3dfx" explorer window on my desktop on bootup after installing the Voodoo5 drivers.
This seems to be a minor bug with the uninstaller. Please uninstall the 3dfx uninstaller from your "add/remove programs" wizard in the control panel. You also may be able to delete the "\Program Files\3dfx" folder to fix this problem. The Voodoo5 drivers create another directory called "\Program Files\3dfx Interactive." DO NOT delete this folder.
What is the best way to install the Voodoo5?
First, uninstall the 3dfx tools (if you have a non-3dfx card the same principle applies. Any kind of utility or tool for the video card needs to be uninstalled).

Second, go into the device manager and set the video card to "standard display adapter VGA."

(1) To set the adapter to standard VGA, right click on the "my computer" icon and choose "properties" (or press the Windows hotkey and pause at the same time). This will take you into the "system properties."

(2) Click on the "device manager" tab, click on the plus sign in front of the "display adapter" category.

(3) Now double-click on the display adapter listed, then choose the "driver" tab.

(4) Now choose "update" or "change" driver (depending upon which version of Windows you have).

(5) You will then want to choose the options "display a list of all drivers" and then "show all hardware" to bring up the Windows list of manufacturers.

The "standard display types" are at the top of the list. The "Standard Display Adapter VGA" is the first one in this list. After choosing this adapter, if you have Windows 98 you will get a warning message. Disregard it and choose "yes." The Standard Display Adapter VGA will only give you 16 colors and a 640x480 resolution.

(6) You will now need to reboot to make the change take affect (Windows will prompt you to do this). After rebooting into Windows, you'll be in 16 color mode.

(7) Shut down and install the new V5. Be sure to unplug the computer and ground yourself by touching one of the screws inside the case before touching any other components inside the computer.

(8) Power the machine on. If Windows detects the new card and wants to install drivers for it, press "no" or "cancel."

(9) Autorun the CD and install the drivers.

How do I uninstall my old video card's registry entries?

First you will need to uninstall any listings for the card in the "Add/Remove Programs." This will not necessarily remove the registry entries, however. Sometimes this is where a format and reinstall of the operating system comes in. But most of the time a little registry editing will get the job done. The best thing to do is contact the manufacturer of your previous video card and have them help guide you through the registry to remove their specific entries. If your previous card was a Voodoo2 1000 or a Voodoo3 series card, then you may use the new 3dfx Uninstaller to remove these registry entries. This utility is located on the Voodoo5 CD, in the "Utils" directory. Please NOTE that the uninstaller is NOT for Windows 2000. It is only for Windows 98.

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