FSAA isn't working in Microsoft's "Flight Simulator 2000."
Try the following procedure:

1) Install FS2000
2) Find the file fs2000.cfg in the root directory where you installed FS2000
3) Look for the section [Display] and add the following line PageFlip=1

4) Choose your AA setting (2 or 4)
5) Start up FS2000 and when you are flying hit ALT-Enter or select view and choose full screen mode to play in full screen.

* Note that the dashboard will still look aliased since its probably some sort of overlay, but everything rendered in 3D is. No guarantees yet on complete bug freeness of this implementation, but it does work.

I'm having texture problems in "Soldier of Fortune."
If you have an AMD based system and you're having problems with "Soldier of Fortune" try this:

Find the config.cfg file, it'll usually be in the (SoF\user\) directory. Add this line to the file: set ghl_no_texture_stack "1".

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